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About Alkaline Water Ionizers And The Significance Of Water Ionization

The molecular nature of water

Water is made of two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule. These are not very tightly bound to each other. The normal water's pH is noted to be in the acidic level. The acidic nature indicates that the pH may be anywhere from 0 to 7. The more acidic the water is, the more harmful it is. Therefore, it is important to bring the water under an alkaline pH and make it fit for drinking purposes.

What is ionization?

Alkaline water ionizers help in treating the drinking water with a process known as ionization. Any particle can be classified into positive charges and negative charges. Thus, in the process of ionization the positive ions of the water are separated from the negative ions present in it. This is easily achieved by another process called as electrolysis. Electrodes with alternating polarity apply an electrical charge to the water resulting in the ionization.

Why ionize drinking water?

Our body has numerous free radicals in it. These free radicals destroy normal cells and this essentially results in the natural aging process. High quality alkaline ionized water has a negative oxidative reduction potential (ORP) which means it can reduce oxidation because it becomes a free radical scavenger. Alkaline water ionizers create positive and negative ions. The ions found in the water will act upon the free radicals and neutralize them.

What are other benefits of ionized drinking water?

Alkaline water systems are becoming increasingly popular because they are known to have various positive benefits. The ionized water is super hydrating, so it helps keep you hydrated for a longer time. Because the water is alkaline, it helps balance pH consumption which is an important consideration for many people who are trying to have a better alkaline to acidic ration in their diet.

Besides creating alkaline drinking water, some high quality water ionizers produce up to five different types of ionized water including a water that kills germs on contact, and a water that emulsifies grease and oil on contact. Because these types of water make excellent cleaning agents, homeowners are able to eliminate harmful cleaning chemicals from their home and promote a green environment. Additionally, a slightly acidic pH water can be generated which is very beneficial for the skin and hair. A good place to look for information about these high quality and versatile water ionization machines is Kangen Water®, produced by equipment manufactured by Enagic.

If you want things to be tomorrow as they are today, continue with what you are doing today. Consider, however, that there may be some really great information about this water ionization technology that might make your tomorrows even more exciting, healthy and green.


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