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Can You Stay In Shape Without A Gym Subscription?

Many people dont like gyms, myself included. Ive joined in January, both the T-shirt and given up by March so many times. Just like the after Christmas cliché, I paid for a few more months thinking Id go back and maybe made it in 1 or 2 times. Not good enough. Motivation can be a problem. But apart from motivation sometimes seeing other people living the dream with bulging muscular bodies with zero fat can be not only intimidating but also damaging to your confidence.

I was always into the lean look, and the reason being is because I store a portion of fat around my mid riff and posterior. It doesnt make me feel too manly. But I soon realized that a lot, well not all of the guys in tip-top shape who are really muscular and have a very low body fat percentage were on steroids. So its all a swindle.

If you have to inject poison into your system to achieve a physique its cheating. Its fakery and I dont want to be in an atmosphere where the guys in world class shape are all frauds. And everyone looks up to them like theyve made some massive achievement. For these reasons I invested in my own home gym.

I bought a Concept 2 rowing machine that was refurbished for under $500. They are one of the best rowing machines around and I used to do a lot of work on them in my college gym back in the day. I also have some dumbbells to keep my arms in shape, Im not really into the heavy muscled look so I dont care for having stacks of weights.

The only thing new I bought was the G 5.9i treadmill from Weslo. I first came across it by accident whilst browsing one of my favorite review sites. It just costs over $300, and it is damn good. Doesnt have fancy graphics or a big console screen or anything, but it does all I need it to do. It turns the belt and gets up to a fast enough speed for me, and a lot of the time I just use it for fast walking. I like to alternate between it and the rowing machine. I find this routine is a good stress buster.

I dont want to be a professional runner, so I dont see the point in splashing out a large amount for a treadmill. I bought mine online after being into too many retail stores where the pushy sales reps were trying to sell me the latest hyped up treadmill models that had one touch incline buttons that would send the treadmill up an enormous gradient.

Some models had in-built fans, stereo systems and even Television screens. Many people will spend their money on stuff they dont need. For me a no frills sweat-and-grind home gym is right for me. I like to get to it in my dingy garage, it gets me in an aggressive mood. All the shiny distractions in these fancy treadmills would kinda sanitize the whole workout environment for me.

When you hit the gym whether its at home or at a club the only thing that matters is the effort you put in. Not the latest device you can watch TV or, or listen to music with. People should focus on the exercise and not the entertainment.


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