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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Workout

From the Ring to the Big Screen Professional wrestlers rarely transcend well from the ring to the big screen but this is a feat that Dwayne Johnson A.K.A the Rock has conquered within just a short amount of time that he has been on film.

Everyone knows that the Rock is a big guy. Standing at 65 and weighing in at 260 lbs, Dwayne Johnson strikes an imposing figure. Now, if you add to the fact that this guy looks like he was sculpted out of his veritable namesake, you have someone who can be compared to a demi-God.

Thats why he was billed to portray Hercules in the onscreen adaptation of the mythical hero. Everyone knows that the Rock sports a muscular body but not everyone is privy to the fact that he is continuously improving what he has through a strict diet and a rigorous workout routine that target specific parts of his body all throughout the week.

To build up his bulk, the Rock performs heavy sets with low reps on specific parts of his body all throughout the week. This is then replaced with a toning regimen achieved through performing workout routines with high reps and low sets. Aside from working on chiselling out each and every aspect of his body, the Rock engages in calisthenics to improve his flexibility and has recently undergone a more thorough MMA training to achieve the agility needed to perform some stunts he does in the films he starred in.

The Rocks appearance isnt only for show as he also engages in strength training exercises to make sure that his body can back up its appearance by allowing him to carry heavy loads. This is probably a requirement if youre going to play Hercules as that demi-God can carry impossible loads of weight.

Aside from this, Dwayne Johnson also trains in weapons proficiency to make sure that he puts on a convincing aura when he picks up a gun or a sword or even just a baseball bat.

Dwayne Johnson is the epitome of a man who is fully committed to whatever he puts his mind into whether it is to his acting career or to building his body to become the perfect specimen of what a mans body should look like. He has done this for most of his life and that is what you call commitment.

Heres another interesting thing: Dwayne Johnson works out so hard that he has been known to pass out on occasion due to the intense fatigue he suffers after every training session.


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