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How To Apply Individual Eyelashes

Individual lashes are one of the easiest things to apply at home and to be honest one of the most natural. Of course you can always go the extra mile and apply extra long ones at the end, but truely if you think about it doing a strip lash you have to line it up with the entire lash line perfectly or they're going to look kind of Wonky versus if you're using individual lashes it's just a pin prick small point you have to line up. So it's super easy to get that natural blended look if you take the time to make sure you apply the same amount of lashes to both ends. So what you're going to do is go out to the store and get you're self a couple different sizes of lashes, you can get these at Walgreens or you can get them at any department store or anywhere you want. One online shop for discount brand name false eyelashes such as ardell wispies eyelashes, Kiss Lashes and Red Cherry Lashes, is and one other is Both stores got amazing selections. When buying individual lashes, the point is to get multiple sizes. Ardell carry Ardell Duralash individual flares in Combo Pack which comes in multiple lengths. So small Medium and long length. you're going to want a couple different lengths because you're natural lashes are not the same length all the way across, and then you're going to want to get some kind of glue, lash glue. I like white glue it dries clear versus black glue it dries black.

If you have struggle with your natural lashes before and have tried using different mascaras and lash growing products with out positive results then here are some make up artist tips on how to apply individual false lashes to help acheive that look you been looking for.

1.Individual lashes can be obtained in individual or lash clusters. Also they are available in strips of eyelashes. If you want more of a natural look then individual or lash clusters is the way to go.

2.Start off by washing your face well. Then do your make up by applying your foundation and powder. Apply your eyeliner first before the false lashes if you plan on using liner since it can make the process of applying lashes more difficult. Mascara will be last after applying lashes.

3. For glue I like to buy lash clusters that already come with the adhesive but you can also buy the glue oon its own. Only use glue for individual lashes and not any other glue like super glue or nail glue

4. Lash application. Individual lashes are a not as easy as strip lashes. Use your tweezers to make the process easier. Get one cluster and carefully dip the end on to your glue dot. Try and make sure not to over dip it. close your eye and apply to your natural lash line. make sure that the curl follows your natural lash curve. Do not apply it to your eyelid because it will not look natural. Take in mind that the glue dries pretty quick so nudge it in place before it dries out.

By adding individual lashes to your outer part of your top lid it will give you more of a natural look. Start in the middle and work your way out. Try spacing individual lashes sporadically in between my natural lashes.

Once you finish applying your lashes make sure to let the glue dry completely and apply a few coats of mascara so your natural lashes blend in to your falsies better. This will give you a more dramatic look and hide the false lashes better.


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