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Leg Exercises For Firmer Thighs

You need to be able to work on your legs so that you will be able to achieve a body that is not only muscular but a well proportioned body. Indeed, having a muscular chest and big arms is attractive especially for a male but the lower body especially on the leg area must not also be neglected. There are some great exercises that you have to focus and work on so that you will be able to have a fitter and a firmer body.

Lifting your leg to the side firms not only your outer thigh, but also the side of your hip. That is the site of the gluteus medius, your second largest gluteal muscle and one of your major thigh abduct0or. The following exercise should provide you a comprehensive outer thigh and outer hip firming routine. Work them as a three exercise set. The pulses alternately tensing and relaxing concentrate effort in the gluteals; then the extensions work all the abductors. Finally, the bent leg lifts isolate the outer thigh.

The following leg exercises are also a classic way to work the outer thigh and gluteus medius. You may do them as an alternative. In all outer thigh work, position is crucial. If you do these exercises wrong, you will end up working the quadriceps, rather than the abductors, or straining your lower back. As you progress, add ankle weights for extra resistance.

Outer thigh raises First is that you need to rest on your forearm and hip, with your bottom leg bent at a 90 degree angle and your top leg raised slightly. Then slowly lift and lower your top leg in a straight line with your body. Keep your upper body erect and your foot flexed.

After which, you may start in the position where your other leg is raised slightly at 45 degree while you repeat the lifting and lowering process with your toe still pointed. Do not allow your body to slump or your leg to rotate upward.

Straight leg raise With your supporting leg bent at a right angle to your body, hold your upper leg straight out parallel to your thigh. Keep your lifted foot flexed. Make sure your leg is rotated so that your heel is up and your toe down. Pulse your heel out slowly and rhythmically.

Finish with bent leg lifts. Let your legs remain at right angles to your body with your ankles flexed.


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